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The Coalition at COP28

Updated: Jan 23


As governments and stakeholders prepared for COP28 in Dubai, we are pleased to announce that the Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate will have a presence at an event on ‘Shaping Ministerial Leadership and Collective Action for Trade and Climate Change’ as part of the first ever ‘Trade Day’ at a UN Climate Change Conference.

The event, co-hosted by the WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, and ICC in the their joint Trade House Pavilion, will provide an opportunity for the participating Coalition Ministers and their representatives to highlight the important contribution that the Ministerial leadership on trade-related cooperation can make to the global climate agenda and engage with the climate community. The Coalition’s principles and priorities at the nexus of climate, trade, and sustainable development will be introduced, complemented by interventions by several Coalition members on actions they are pursuing domestically or regionally, and their national perspectives on opportunities for inclusive cooperation and collective action.

The event will feature remarks from the heads of each of the co-hosts on the importance of political leadership and their suggestions on priorities for inclusive international cooperation on trade, climate, and sustainable development, followed by closing remarks from the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Climate Action. The Coalition is delighted to count each of these leaders as ‘Friends of the Coalition.’

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